Boho Wedding Photographers

Last year I flew from Vancouver to photography this BOHO wedding photographers dream by Miriam & Zac in Australia.

This wedding is one for the ages. Everyone thought they were attending an engagement party. Little did they know. As they arrived everyone was told that they were actually attending a wedding, shocked and unaware what was happening with the biggest smiles on their faces.

The guests arrived to the most beautiful boho themed wedding, with a teepee as the centrepiece. The styling was put together by the couple, with months of collecting and thrifting to put together a magical setup. It was a very hot day, 43 degrees in the Adelaide Hills. Yet this didn’t change a thing, the love and happiness was in abundance.

With a rustic BOHO vibe set in Australia, what more could you ask for? All of your friends, loved ones waiting for Miriam to arrive in the most perfect location. A boho wedding photographers dream.

After the ceremony, everyone feasted on burgers and fries.

For the bridal portraits we jumped in the 4×4 and roamed around the beautiful acreage. Looking for stunning spots to capture some magic of the coupe and their two best friends.

Later in the evening all of the guests danced as the sun set over the valley.

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