Mountain Wedding

This mountain wedding was an absolute dream to photograph.

I recently traveled from Vancouver to Waiparous, Alberta. I personally have never been to this part of Alberta, it was spectacular. Rivers flowing with the summer run off, mountains all around us. There was a large number of wildlife spotted along. It was real and wild.

Kylie & Graham's ceremony took place right in the middle of the forest. Gorgeous handmade crafts filled the seating area. Placed without fuss but with perfection. Kylie entered their wedding ceremony with both her parents. Which is a really modern touch and I personally like it. Why should Mum miss out on such a day? Mums 'giving away' her daughter too.

The reception was three long tables in an outdoor. A mountain wedding I think has to be done in a way where you feel part of the outdoors all day. To be able to smell the pine and hear the sounds of the valley was amazing.

Meals were catered for and it was all help yourself. Which is great, as some people like to eat more than others. Would doesn't want me potatoes, am I right?

I headed into the valley at sunset to capture some spectacular photos of the couple together. It's in these moments when we disappear for half an hour. That the emotions flow and allow the couple to truly enjoy it all.

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