New Associate Photographer

Hi friends, I would like to introduce WHITEWALL‘s new associate photographer Cass from SARAZIN Photography. When Scout isn’t available Cass is next up to take the lead and photographer your wedding.

“I’m a wedding photographer who focuses on adventurous couples, intimate weddings and elopements. I absolutely love capturing people in love. I’m all about the real, raw, passionate moments.

I’m a story teller, and capturing a couple’s love story is so much more than simply taking photos, it’s about capturing memories you will have to relive forever! I love working with couple’s who are experience driven, spontaneous and adventure orientated. My couples are laid back, roll with the punches and don’t mind getting their feet or dress a little muddy. Wind or rain can’t break their spirit (it adds to the story) and they want to use nature as their backdrop as they crave fresh mountain air!

I moved from Ontario out to Calgary to pursue my dream of photographing couples in the mountains, so you know I mean business! In my spare time you will find me exploring the mountains, hiking, canoeing, camping, biking and constantly on the look out for epic elopement locations. I am so fortunate that my couples are bad ass and enjoy adventuring as well! To share these experiences with my couples means everything to me.”

Please welcome Cass to the team as our new associate photographer.