This rustic wedding photographers dream that would have to be one of my all time favourite weddings. The wedding preparation took place in my hometown and at my old house which was an Airbnb at the time.

The lads kept it chilled, an easy morning at a family home in the hills, a little hide away of their own.

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at an old family holiday stay near Kangarilla. The bride would visit here frequently as a child. Her family grew up in these trees and gardens. So I can see why it was the most perfect place to have their wedding. An outdoor wedding photographers dream.

Family was a big part of the day, which included the family dogs bringing the rings down the aisle to the couple.

Locally sourced food trucks served the guests a selection of food like paella, pizza, burgers, local beers and espresso martinis later in the night. This is a great idea because it allows your guests to really choose what they would like to eat and I’m all for less waste.

There was a stunning field right next to the main part of the wedding. We headed here for portraits. We were lucky enough to have a stunning sunset.

Styling for the wedding was planned and designed by the couple and their friends. Beautifully sourced tables and chairs, plus other great lighting ideas and props.

An intimate occasion with around 120 guests, made for a great atmosphere on the property gardens.

A great idea was to have music videos playing on a big screen, which added really unique touch to the dance floor. I noticed people dancing and then laughing or dancing more because of the clips. Memory lane would definitely taken people back down memory lane.

Please enjoy this rustic wedding photographers dream below.