Terminal City Club, BC.

On Friday in Vancouver were lucky enough to photograph and video Duncan & Lynn's wedding at the TCC (Terminal City Club) in downtown Vancouver. Their started at the Shangri-la Hotel, with the ceremony being held at the Christ Church Cathedral on Burrard Street Vancouver.

I've put together a selection of photography sneak peeks from the day as well as a film sneak peek. I really can't take credit for the film you're about to watch. These two are so in love and it shows through the small things, a simple smile or touch of the others hand. The way they look at each other is enough to melt your heart into a thousands pieces. I found myself staring at them so many times throughout the day, thinking to myself exactly what I have written above. I cannot wait to share more of their day with you, especially Duncan's speech, truly beautiful at the Terminal City Club.

Lots more sneek peeks to come, of this day by Vancouver wedding photographers & videographers WHITEWALL Weddings. If you want to see more weddings like this, be sure to click on links above or here for photos and films. You can also look at our instagram page to see our latest content

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