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A little bit about my photography before introducing this blogpost. I get asked a lot how, that if I had to choose a photographer where would I start. Well, for almost ten years now I have a been one of Calgary weddings top photographers you can rely on. For creativity, professionalism & work ethic. I limit the amount of weddings I do so I can make sure I am offering this quality of work to all of my couples.

If I can give you some advice, when you're looking for a photographer and going through the list of Calgary weddings & photographers. Make sure you target someone who has a consistency of imagery. Whether that be the type of photos, colours or quality of work. I pride myself in having an even flow of photographing, great tones, colours that pop and a moody black to really give my images life. I want more photos to having meaning, to have tears and laughter that makes my couples melt.

It's one thing to be shooting over a hundred weddings a season but is that work of high grade, are they approachable, do they show passion in their work, are they professional on the day.

Most importantly do they make your grandmother laugh?

My style of effortless and super friendly these days, I approach the day by getting to know everyone at the wedding. This lets them become more comfortable with the idea of having their photos taken, all day long. It's amazing what a smile or a hello can do to let everyone know it's going to be ok and we're going to have the best time together.

So kick back, enjoy yourself and let me do the rest.

The wedding below is of Erin & Damien from a wedding I shot in Australia. You can see my all of my Canadian packages here and contact details here.

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