Barn Wedding

Come dream with us at this Vancouver Barn Wedding

I am originally from Australia and someone who has traveled across the world. I am privileged enough to say that I have seen a lot of beauty in my life, however, Alberta skies have a uniqueness. It could be the rich blue colour, the cloud formation, the sunsets. Or perhaps it is the contrast created by the never ending canola, white crisp snow, rolling foothills, and green vibrant corn fields. Whatever it is- I cant quite put words to. I’ve always thought to myself “these skies are made for dreamers.”

When I visited this barn for the first time for Kayla & Bryce’s wedding, there was this unforgiving beauty only found in the prairies. The barn itself is a charming structure, encapsulating a rustic elegance. The corn field was the perfect backdrop to their ceremony carrying your eyes in a sea of green in which Kayla & Bryce seemed to be the only focus. The sound of the wind rustling against the crop and the lane way of trees you can get lost in. The Willow Lane Barn carries a timelessness to it- I wasn’t sure if it was modern day or decades ago.

That is until the party started. Kayla & Bryce had a fantastic group of friends who celebrated their love with joy and a lot of awesome dance moves. We had an absolute blast enjoying the scenery and dancing on the sturdy barn floors.

I have to say that this day was such a pleasure to be apart of. The blue skies, corn fields, Vancouver, and the company made for an absolute exquisite palate of colours for a photographer. These are what my dreams are made of. As the days get longer, and the skies continue to shine bright I am excited to be apart of experiences like this, where the landscape and people of this little province show me what they are made of and keep on dreaming well.

Take care,

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