Summertime Mountain Engagement

Vancouver in the summer is something else and a summertime mountain engagement for you to feel the warmth from days gone by. With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, I thought I would post an engagement session from last summer.

Remember last summer? Day dreaming by the lake at the cabin, wondering what 2020 would bring. The hope of something new, beautiful and wonderful.

Well it's here, a change, a time to reflect on what was and what now is. Sure it's tough and going to be tough for a little while, I know I am feeling it. I hope it doesn't go on for much longer, but let's do our best to reflect and use this time to grow, together, as a community and as a race. So kick back and enjoy this summertime mountain engagement while dreaming about your own wedding.

We're all in this together my friends.


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