Destination Wedding

So why is a destination wedding a great option?

As you have probably read by now I am Australian, which means I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings from Canada all the way to Australia. I have a few from New Zealand that I will be sharing very soon, New Zealand looks so much like Canada it isn't funny. I digress. Below is a destination wedding I capture before the pandemic hit and closed of my travel to Australia for now.

Are destination weddings still an option? I believe so. BRIDES.COM put together some very interesting content of the topic.

Right now, whether you’re planning a wedding at home or abroad, there are countless moving parts surrounding COVID-19—and what it means for your event, specifically, really depends on your wedding date, guest count, location, and extent of travel. It's not impossible to have a destination wedding, it's just going to take a little more planning. This is something we can help with or there are a number of wedding planners in Vancouver that can help with this too. We're here to help.

At this point, it's safe to say that any wedding in the near future will look differently, whether it's allowed to happen on a smaller scale now or as you'd dreamed later on. To help you prepare for what you should do—and help if you do, sadly, have to change plans.

As Alison said for BRIDES.COM:

As always, take care of yourself. Honestly, it’s OK to cry. It’s OK to be angry or to feel a wide range of emotions," says Alison Laesser-Keck of Alison Bryan Destinations. "One thing we like to tell our clients is that it’s not a matter of if, just a matter of when. Your day will come, and trust us when we say it will be the most amazing thing. When we can all come together and celebrate, there will be nothing else like it."

If you would like to chat about your destination wedding, we can be contacted on the link below. Scott

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