Vancouver Garden Wedding, BC.

Are you looking for a wedding space that allows you more flexibility, the chance to go all-out with decor, or an opportunity get married at your farm or home? The answer to any or all of those needs could be a Vancouver garden wedding! Discover multiple benefits of a garden wedding, especially one held on the gorgeous grounds or gardens in Vancouver. An exquisite outdoor space like ours may be the ideal solution to your wedding wishes. 

Expand Your Guest List for the Garden Wedding 

An outdoor space naturally gives you more flexibility for accommodating your guests. If more people show up than you planned on, you can easily find room for them to enjoy the festivities; and with the open sky overhead, the space won’t feel crowded.  

Save Money on Flowers and Wedding Decor 

From a financial perspective, it makes sense to have a wedding ceremony outdoors in a garden, where the natural beauty needs little to no improvement. With gorgeous foliage, flowers, and plants all around, you won’t need to spend as much money on greenery, blooms, and decor— unless you want to! It’s a great option if you want to streamline the floral budget.  

Create a Luxurious Garden Wedding Experience 

Of course, a garden wedding is just as wonderful when you’re designing an over-the-top wedding experience. The outdoor venue already provides much of the beauty you’re looking for, so it’s that much easier to be extravagant with gorgeous floral arches, big centerpieces, overflowing bouquets, and extra arrangements to create the romantic luxury you want.  

If you want to chat more about your garden wedding or wedding you can contact me below.

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