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Will floral crowns be back in 2022?

As a Vancouver wedding photographer I always wonder if certain trends will stick around.

Everyone wants an excuse to wear flowers in her hair on their wedding day, this kind of explains how floral crowns have now turned into of the most popular wedding accessories to be photographed at weddings. The mix of natural floral headwear first popped up in boho wedding ceremonies as a mix up to the traditional veil or times gone by, brides everywhere have began designing the colourful floral headpieces to match every style of wedding, from boho and elegant to whimsical magic.

It's very much safe to say that the floral crown trend of 2021 in Vancouver at weddings is here to stay and I can't wait to photograph them more. A magical option for a wedding in the woods, a private garden, a whimsical fairy land, or any romantic design you can dream up really. Floral crowns add an ethereal touch to a wedding big day look. Whether you're having a bohemian black tie-affair or a modern wedding with an oceanside view.

We have seen more and more brides opting to wear flower crowns or halos on their wedding day. They are also a very popular choice for everyone in the bridal party . Floral crown parties are great pre wedding events or other party activities, you will find my floral crown workshops are the city. Floral crowns aren't a new thing and have featured throughout history and are a very welcomed accessory at weddings to be photographed & filmed.

The Knot did a feature on the history of floral crowns a little while back, you can see it here. Do you think floral crowns will be around at Vancouver wedding this year? I can't wait to photograph them.

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