How much does wedding photography in Vancouver cost ?

How much does wedding photography in Vancouver cost ? If you're in the early stages of planning your wedding and are curious about the pricing of wedding photography services in Vancouver, you've come to the right source for valuable information. Our comprehensive research involved surveying over 50 wedding photographers within the city to provide you with insightful data. While understanding the initial cost range is undoubtedly beneficial for setting your budget, it's crucial to bear in mind that the specific services included in each photographer's rate can vary significantly.

Among the various factors that can affect pricing, two of the most common considerations are whether a second photographer is included and if an engagement session is offered in the package. Let's delve into the statistics:

The average cost of wedding photography in Vancouver currently stands at approximately $3,800 for a package that typically covers 8 hours of photography. Furthermore, it's noteworthy that approximately half of the surveyed photographers include an engagement session within this rate. Additionally, please be aware that a 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is typically added to the final cost.

In the context of Vancouver's unique wedding scene, it's essential to acknowledge the concept of a limited "wedding season," which primarily spans from May to October due to the region's climate. During these peak months, many photographers stipulate a minimum requirement of 6 to 8 hours of coverage. Most couples, in their pursuit of capturing the full essence of their special day, opt for a 10-hour photography package. This timeframe typically allows the photographer to document pivotal moments, including the pre-wedding preparations and the magical first dance in the evening.

However, it's worth noting that weddings that incorporate diverse cultural traditions, such as Chinese tea ceremonies, or those that involve extensive travel time, may necessitate an extended coverage duration of 12 hours. While certain exceptions can be made to accommodate unique circumstances, it's important to understand that wedding photography coverage is usually continuous, consecutive hours, ensuring no precious moments are missed on your unforgettable day.

Prices for wedding photography or videography packages - 6 hours from $3150, 8 hours from– $3800, 10 hours from – $4300 & 12 hours from – $4500

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