Vancouver Private Estate Wedding, AB.

Ever thought of having your wedding at your parents home or a private estate? This wedding couple did exactly that, the options open up and you can make your family home part of the whole experience which is your wedding day. Photographing this day was extra special because of the family element.

I've put together a few reasons why, if you're thinking about it:

If you’re planning a wedding, you probably have a pretty clear picture on the type of wedding that you’d like to have.  If your vision includes privacy, a garden setting, twinkle lights, and fountains, consider looking into a private wedding estate.  Here are 7 reasons to have an estate wedding.

Estate weddings tend to be a little off the beaten path and usually the public has no reason to be there other than to attend your event, so the risk of onlookers or party crashers is drastically reduced. Consider hiring additional security for that added layer of safety in order to keep anyone unwanted out.

The beauty of nature doesn’t need decorating, just to be cared for. Because event estates are generally only in the business to service weddings, they understand the overall experience that couples are looking for. This means manicured grounds with the flora and fauna being chosen to match most themes and décor schemes with photography opportunities in mind.

Most event estates come with full packages and planners, and while this may come with a higher price tag, this also means stress-free planning for you. There is comfort in knowing that your planner is well experienced with the venue and can refer you to tried and true vendors who they’ve worked with in the past.

Do you want your dog as your ring bearer or make your entrance in a horse drawn carriage? How about a getaway in a sweet ride. Chances are you’re going to have better luck doing these kinds of things at a private estate. Rules are rules though, so always check with the venue first, especially before dropping cash on an elephant. 

Estates don’t box you and allow you to creatively think on how to use a space. Consider setting up lawn games, have a s’more bar next to a fire pit, spread out blankets for a picnic, bring the grills for a backyard BBQ; you’re only limited by your imagination and what the estate allows.

You usually have exclusive use of the property when renting an estate for a wedding so you won’t be impeded by someone else’s timeline or having to deal with double bookings. There are even venues that have multiple weddings happening at the same time. In those cases, you’re guaranteed to either have your guests accidentally wander into someone else’s wedding or end up with a few confused attendees yourself.

Use nature’s surroundings by adding twinkle lights or mossy chandeliers, it's really as simple as that. Let the venue shine so you can sit back and relax.

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