Stanley Park Teahouse, BC.

Before heading to the Stanley Park Teahouse, Paulina & James got married amongst the trees on a tiny little bridge that was dear to them on a beloved in North Vancouver. A favourite location and hiking spot.

After their wedding ceremony we headed to Stanley Park. The Stanley Park Teahouse Restaurant is located at Ferguson Point in Stanley Park. The stunning views at this romantic spot, has earned The Teahouse the title of ‘Best Sunset in the City’. Along with the scenery, Teahouse offers delicious, West Coast cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. A scenic drive into Stanley Park, brings you to Ferguson Point. Stop in for a bite to eat, enjoy a glass of wine and indulge in the longest sunset in the city.

The Teahouse restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. With towering trees in its backyard and the ocean at its front door, the breathtaking view of English Bay and the North Shore act as a backdrop to the exquisite West Coast cuisine and exceptional service. The Stanley Park teahouse is the most delightful venue for weddings. I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding here last month. We're so lucky as Vancouver wedding photographers and videographers that get to spend time in such beautiful locations every weekend.

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