Furry Creak Golf Course Wedding, BC

I was absolutely mesmerised while filming Angela & Henry wedding

At furry creek golf course, BC. The views, the mountains and the crashing rivers were beautiful all around us.

Love knows no bounds, and for our recent couple, Angela & Henry, their journey from teenage acquaintances to soulmates unfolded across continents and years. It was an absolute honour for us, as Vancouver wedding videographers and photographers based in Vancouver, Canada, to capture their beautiful wedding day at the enchanting Furry Creek Golf Course.

Angela & Henry's love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. They first crossed paths as teenagers overseas, but life took them on separate paths, and they lost contact. Fate, however, had other plans. Years later, destiny brought them back together, this time in Toronto, Canada. As they rekindled their friendship, it didn't take long for them to realize that they were meant to be more than friends. Their love story blossomed in the multicultural tapestry of Toronto, where two hearts, once separated by continents, merged into one.

Nestled on the scenic shores of Howe Sound, Furry Creek Country Club is a hidden gem in Vancouver's backyard. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the serene waters, this picturesque location was the perfect setting for Angela & Henry's dream wedding. As Vancouver wedding videographers and photographers, we couldn't have asked for a more breathtaking backdrop to capture their special day.

The wedding day dawned with a gentle breeze and a warm, golden sun that bathed the venue in a soft, ethereal light. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as Angela & Henry prepared to say their vows.

A Vancouver wedding ceremony for the ages

The ceremony took place on a beautifully landscaped terrace overlooking the ocean. Angela, radiant in her elegant white gown, walked down the aisle to meet Henry, who couldn't hide his emotions as he saw his bride. Tears of joy flowed freely as they exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to spend their lives together.

The reception was a celebration of their love and the blending of two cultures. Guests enjoyed a delicious fusion of Canadian and international cuisine, reflecting the couple's diverse backgrounds. Heartfelt speeches, touching toasts, and the first dance left not a dry eye in the room.

As Vancouver wedding videographers and photographers, our goal was to document every moment of this special day. From the loving glances between Angela & Henry to the laughter shared with friends and family, we aimed to freeze these memories in time.

Angela & Henry's wedding at Furry Creek Golf Club was a testament to the power of love and destiny. From their chance meeting overseas to their beautiful wedding in Vancouver, their journey has been filled with love, hope, and the promise of a bright future together.

As Vancouver wedding videographers and photographers, we are grateful to have been a part of their story, capturing the essence of their love in every frame. Their wedding day at Furry Creek Country Club will remain etched in our memories, a reminder that true love has the power to transcend time and distance, bringing two souls together in a beautiful union.

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