Langley Wedding Sneak Peek, BC.

Once again this month I got to work alongside Erin Fraser as a second photographer, this time at a Langley wedding. Yes I do travel to Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford and Vancouver Island for weddings. I love being a second photographer now and again, it allows you to test out some new angles, lights and poses that you would never really try. How so? Well, Erin of course has the main focus of the couple so I am able to wander around without having the main role of the full time photographer. It's super fun. I can just just go here and there, capturing all of the extra moments that one photographer SOMETIMES can't get, especially when there is a bridal party of 14.

I love this paragraph below from The Knot on why it's a good idea to have a second photographer, of course it's not mandatory but if you can fit it into your budget it's super worthwhile

We get asked all the time: Do we really need to have a second photographer at our wedding? We understand—finding, booking and paying for one shooter is enough work. But before you brush off the idea of multiple photographers as unnecessary. Know there are some very valid reasons for having more than one to capture your day. 

Many couples admit that not spending more on photography is one of their biggest wedding day regrets. And we tend to agree. In most cases, you'll want a second shooter for a number of practical reasons. For one, there's the challenge of how to photograph your ceremony. There's something so special about being able to capture multiple emotional moments throughout. You'll want your walk down the aisle and your partner's reaction to it, your vows and your parents' reactions. You get the point so much happens simultaneously at weddings and they're all worth remembering, from getting ready to the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

If you're wedding is on the larger side, you can hardly expect one shutterbug. No matter how swift and talented, to snap every memorable moment happening in every corner of the room. We think a second shooter is always worth it. Even if you're only inviting a small number of guests. With two shooters, one can take your post ceremony portraits while the other snaps photos of your guests at cocktail hour. Also, if you and your partner both love the idea of taking getting-ready photos, but you're getting ready in two separate spaces.

Having two photographers snap your wedding prep at the same time will be a godsend.

If you would like to add a second photographer to your existing package or have any questions please contact me on the link me.

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