Vancouver Cherry Blossom, BC.

Life is speeding up over here, and we're super excited to share another Vancouver session with you. This one is Vancouver cherry blossom engagement session at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. We live very close to the park and have loved wandering through it over the past few months watching the trees go from fall to spring.

So why so many cherry blossom in Vancouver? The perfect photographing backdrop mind you.

WellI found this information at Fly Over Canada's website:

How did Vancouver Cherry Blossom trees become so amazing? 

Hundreds of flowering cherry trees were given as a gift from Japan. To be placed in Stanley Park in honour of Japanese Canadians who served in World War I. This was the first of Vancouver’s cherry tree plantings. Some were meant to replace larger deciduous trees with disruptive root systems and overgrown canopies. The move to smaller flowering crab apple, plum and cherry trees intensified after the 1950s.

There are now more than 43,000 cherry trees in Vancouver.

Vancouver local go wild of the spring months, planning shoots and having the best time enjoying these wonderful trees as the flower and attract an abundance of wildlife. Have you set out to capture some cute photos with your loved one? It still isn't too late to do so.

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