Vancouver Wedding Photography, BC.

Cultural weddings and marriages are celebrated as a one fine grand festival in Vancouver. As Vancouver wedding photography professionals, we get to see it all. They are enjoyed with high enthusiasm and energy. It is the most special occasion for all the relatives and family members to come together and enjoy. Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals.

There are different rituals in different parts of The Arab nations, Asia and of course India. Each state has their own way of celebrating the big day and blessing the couple through their different cultures. Here, I will be taking you all through a joyous ride of one of these said nations. I truly love them, all the colour they bring to the day.

Each year we take on a select number of cultural weddings. Why only a few you ask? Well they're big, sometimes 4-5 days of celebrations and with such celebration requires the energy to go with it. That's the biggest the reason why only take a small selection each wedding year in Vancouver as Vancouver wedding photography professionals, we want to give them our all.

We also travel all over Vancouver and the lower mainland for cultural weddings, and can bring along a team of photographers and videographers depending on your wedding day or week needs.

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