Fraser River Lodge, BC.

Ash & Bre invited me to their wedding day at Fraser River Lodge and just said make a video that is non-weddingy as we don't like all the fluff. So here it is in all it's glory. A non wedding film.

Fraser River Lodge - The Ultimate Waterfront Venue

If you are looking for a spectacular indoor/outdoor venue with a breathtaking view, there is no place like the Fraser River Lodge.

Modern Rustic Luxury Lodge
Incredible views of Mount Cheam 
Bridal and Honeymoon Suites
Year Round Bookings

Fraser River, major river of western North America, draining a huge, scenic region of some 92,000 square miles (238,000 square km) in central British Columbia. About 70 percent of the region drained is over 3,000 feet (900 m) high, and human exploitation of this rather isolated area has been relatively recent. The natural beauties of the river course (particularly its spectacular canyon section) and the surrounding countryside have nevertheless remained relatively unspoiled. The river was named for Simon Fraser, who first descended it to the Pacific Ocean in 1808. The Cariboo gold rush, which began in 1858, took place in the Fraser River basin.

I can't think of a better backdrop to have your wedding in Fraser River. Full of culture and heritage surrounded by mountains.

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